What gets you through the day?

Family. Coffee. 90’s hip-hop. Next question.

Cake or pie?

Both. With ice cream. All the strawberry ice cream.

Who is your client?

Our clients are adventure-seekers and silver-lining lovers who aren’t afraid to be a little different or to let their guards down. They lovingly poke fun of each other and say the hilarious, yet slightly inappropriate things that everyone else is thinking, but is too afraid to actually say. They love roadtrippin’ through new cities with the windows down and the music cranked, but could also spend a whole weekend catching up on some hardcore Netflix binging. Above all else, our clients trust our vision, style, and direction. Show us your weirds, your quirks, your YOU-ness, and we’ll deliver your unique story.  


What type of equipment do you use?

Canon 5D Mark iii + Canon 35mm + Canon 50mm + Canon 85mm 2.8 + Canon 135mm. We also use a lot of dad jokes and puns. Like, all day long.


Do you travel?

Put us on a plane, and we’ll meet you in any corner of the world!


Who made your website?

This insanely awesome and talented wonder named Kristie Latham 

Planning a wedding is crazier than I’d imagined! Can you help??

We gotchu. One of our favorite parts of our job is helping to create an amazing experience for everyone. From itineraries to how best to display your dessert, we have tips upon tips that we can provide for you. We start working with you early on to help solidify all the details of your wedding day!


We’re seriously so awkward in front of the camera. HELP.

Hi... #same. We get it. It’s not natural to have a camera crammed into your personal space. This is where the trust comes in. We love creating moments that bring out authentic interaction and REAL emotion. Your only job is to show up and remember why we are taking photos. We’ve got the rest!


How do you deliver our images?

In a lovely online gallery. This is where you will download all your high resolution, fully edited, ready to print photos. Weddings are delivered in 1 month, and all other galleries are delivered in 2 weeks.



OMG! We’re crushing hard and want you to be our photographer.

Pop that champagne! Zip us over an email and let’s make it happen. A signed contract and 20% retainer fee is all that’s needed to secure your date.