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Photography was the most important detail to me when it came to our wedding, so I was extremely picky in regards to style and my fiancé was over-the-top conscious (in my opinion) of price! I feel so fortunate neither Josh nor I had to compromise what mattered to us the most. From our first meeting, to engagement photos, and finally the day of our wedding, Alyss proved herself to be almost magical. Even prior to meeting face-to-face, I felt I had know her for years, and even more than that, we had been friends for years.

When we did finally meet, what should have been a quick initial meeting lasted over an hour, as she genuinely wanted to know about Josh and myself as individuals, our love story, and our lives together as a couple. Creative, flexible, and full of life, Alyss was able to create picturesque opportunities despite our camera-shy personalities. In turn she was able to capture the love Josh and I feel for each other. Besides marrying my husband, choosing Alyss as our photographer was easily the best decision Josh and I made for our special day. 

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I would highly recommend booking Honey Photographs to capture your special day! Alyss is super helpful leading up to the wedding, providing quick email responses to answer any questions or special requests you have. Plus she'll even provide you an easy to fill in family shot list which was so nice to have!

Alyss is genuinely happy and excited to be a part of your big day and to capture every special moment. She showed up with a huge smile, kept us ahead of schedule, and really made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. I especially love the online gallery she provides you. That made it so nice and easy to share the photos with all our family and friends. Alyss' work is beautiful and you will relive your wedding all over again every time you see your photos.

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How I found Alyss, was a miracle (or magic if you prefer). Desperately searching for a photographer, I stumbled upon her and was immediately taken with her work. Alyss is an artist. She was able to not only capture moments of our wedding, but also of our personalities. That, I think, is a rare quality to have as a photographer. I am sure a number of people can take pictures well, but to create art and to capture the essence of a person is an extraordinary skill.

She was professional, flexible, easy to speak to, excellent at managing family, and overall a lovely person. Not only did she capture our love, but she also had snacks to give me some nourishment as it is quite common for a bride to forget to eat on her day. :) All in all, we were thrilled with Alyss and are so glad that she was there to capture our special day. I have every intention to hire her for all the special events and occasions in our life.

Marina + Brian

Alyss is an incredible photographer and a pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand what we were looking for and delivered perfectly. She has a great eye for detail shots but also captured the whole story. At the actual wedding she was like a ninja- everyone we talked to kept saying – how did she get that shot?- and – I didnt even SEE her!- She was incredibly generous with her time and energy and clearly cares about what she does.

I was nervous to hire a one woman show but Alyss put all my concerns to rest. She is very professional, punctual and together. She’s got back up plans for worst case scenario but honestly after talking with her one time I didn’t even give it a second thought. I trusted that she’d be there and would do a great job and she was and she did! Book her while you can. I can’t imagine it will be long before she’s so popular she’ll be hard to get! A plus all around Alyss, thank you so much!

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I don’t even know where to begin! I have used Honey Photographs for four different events: engagement, boudoir, and wedding. I have been more than thrilled with each! To begin with, Alyss is so fun and easy-going which diffuses any awkwardness there may be. Plus, she is hilarious which is just awesome.

During all of the sessions, she captured everything and I wanted. The most important thing to me, besides gorgeous wedding photos that I still drool over, was I had a blast with her! I highly recommend her. I wouldn't change a thing about any of my photo sessions!

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I was extremely excited when we hired Alyss for our wedding and was even more confident after meeting her. She is completely delightful. She is playful and completely professional and organized. She absolutely has an eye. She found the most awesome, palmy area hidden in a nook outside of our hotel where we got a beautiful extra photo shoot.

She got everything we asked for. She took some excellent treasures of guests in candid shots during the reception. Our pictures turned out so beautifully. Alyss is an artist. I certainly hope I have future need of a photographer!

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Our experience with your photography was amazing! From your site, to your perfect story telling on your blog! You're our photographer for life! No matter what the cost, our baby pictures will be with you, our family photos with you. We wouldn't pick ANYONE ELSE to capture our most memorable moments in life, and I mean that... thank you so much for everything!

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Erin and I had a great time having Alyss photograph our wedding! She was fun, dynamic, and adaptable. All important traits needed in the person photographing your big day! 

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