Our Manifesto

Did we just become best friends? I THINK SO.

We want to know you. Like, really KNOW you. We don’t just want the deetz on your wedding colors or how many people are in your wedding party. We’d rather grab coffee and shoot the shit about stuff like your plans for the weekend, what’s irking you at work lately, or where you wanna go on your next vacay.

We wanna know how you met, how the proposal didn’t go as planned but was still perfect in its own way, and what you feel you bring out in each other.

We’re here to be a third wheel on your wedding day, capturing all those stolen kisses, sweet touches, sneaky smiles, and epic dance moves. And like a true friend, we’ll be right there doing all those things with you… and probably leading the crowd in the Cupid Shuffle.

We don’t want to be just a vendor. Instead, just call us your badass friends with cameras and a killer timeline.

Show us who YOU are, and let us do the rest.



We have fun

We’ll dance with you, cry with you, belt out 90s throwbacks with you, get drunk with you (off the clock yo), overeat all the snacks with you, laugh with you, bitch about life with you. Let’s be friends.


Meet the Team



A Kimmy Schmidt that can throw down some 90s hip hop.



Gladly accepts payment in taco and pancake form.



Was kicked out of Hogwarts for using black magic.



Living for that one time JLo recognized her dad.


I'm Alyss

Lead Photographer // Runs This Bitch

Heyyyyy, I’m Alyss! Starbucks gets my name wrong 98% of the time, so don’t worry if you do, too. I’m a huge optimist who wears my heart on my sleeve… and my face. Zero ability to hide my emotions. It’s been said that I have my head in the clouds, but I’ve gotten real good at putting those dreams onto paper. I’m a horrible dancer who dances nonstop anyway, especially in the car. I make sound effects while shooting and will 100% trip at least once. Whoops!

Fav Weather

hair whipping windy

Weird tear jerker

The Sixth Sense

Perfect Saturday

reading on the couch with my dudes

Alternate dream job

author or creative director

Not afraid to...

call you out on your shiz


my alarm clock & tsunamis

Lead Photographer // Adventure Maven

Hi! I’m a self-proclaimed professional Instagrammer, adventure seeker, and always always down for celebration... especially if it involves a theme. My happy place is anywhere in the snow. I may live in sunny San Diego, but my closet full of flannel and fuzzy boots screams, “GIVE ME THE MOUNTAINS!” Things to not fight me on: leggings are pants and the Cupid Shuffle will never go out of style.

My happy place

anywhere with sunsets and the sand

Best pick-me up movie

The Birdcage

Basic B

the “live laugh love” tattoo on my side

Remember that time

a bird bit me in the face in Mexico? Good times

Can’t go without

my uggs and leggings

My friends always ask

for my snowball Christmas cookies

I'm Blair

I'm Cate

Associate Photographer // Hermione Wannabe

Oh hey it’s me, Cate. I’m a boy mom to two (adorable) little heathens, nerd extraordinaire, craft beer snob, and lover of life’s ordinary moments. When I’m not lugging around a camera, you’re likely to find me cooking something amazing or reading Harry Potter for the millionth time. San Diego is rad, but that doesn’t stop me from saying deuces and seeing the world. A life goal of mine is to visit every country at least once!


Best part of music

the one hit wonders

In a game, I must

Let CHAOS reign down like hellfire

Dream vacation

tugboat tour of a Louisiana Bayou w/ Chris Pratt as my Captain

Ideal night

bubble-baths, burritos, and Battlestar Galactica

Fav films

Harry Potter marathons. ‘Nuff said.

Find me rocking

a different pair of Toms everyday of the week

Part-Time Studio Assistant // Full-Time Z List Celeb

I’m Gaby, Studio Assistant extraordinaire! My friends call me the “Z-Lister” because all I do in my spare time is try to hang out with celebrities and go to live tapings in LA. I frequently quote Chrissy Teigen’s tweets and I consider Cardi B as my holy mother and savior. I’m a girl with good, strong morals until I hear there’s a sale at Free People or Anthropologie. 


19 but 12 if I’m trying to get a kids meal

Celebrity BFFs

Michelle Obama & Jonathan Van Ness, henny!

Find me…

in bed, rewatching Queer Eye

Favorite Subject

do the Kardashians fall under US history?

Worst Thing I've Done

told everyone Vanessa Hudgens was my cousin

Biggest Secret

I still shop in the kids’ shoe section

I'm Gaby