Here at Honey, we obviously love love. The big stuff, the beautiful stuff, the major stuff. We love it all. But there’s something about those little moments. They're some seriously lovely nuggets of photographable gold. It’s on us to not only capture ‘em but to do so in a way that’s beautiful, authentic and true.

Maybe it’s a quick supportive hand squeeze between childhood best friends turned bridesmaids. Maybe it’s the way an “I love you” was written on a post-it from your grandma. Maybe it’s the exact second two lovebirds lock eyes for the first time as a married couple! Life is made up of thousands of these amazing snippets tucked inside the big stuff, and we love being able to help tell that story.

Let’s be real, weddings are a wild ride of emotions - so much joy, excitement, laughter, nerves, happy tears, LOVE. We’re here to calm those nerves, capture that insane amount of goodness and celebrate that LOVE. Oh, and we’ll definitely make sure all those happy tears didn’t mess up your look, girl!  We’re here to not only document your love story, but to help you tell it in a way that'll have you feeling and looking like a rockstar. 

Your love story is as uniquely beautiful and important to us as it is you. Pinky swear. So whether that love is at its best when dancing barefoot in the kitchen, going in verse for verse on a rap song, or standing cliffside in a billowy dress at sunset… we’re here to get that shot - and to also rap that chorus and share a little pizza ‘cause we’re supportive like that!

Let’s get to it! 




I’m Alyss! I’m a photographer, a boy mom, a dog mom, a total coffee addict and a lover of life’s little moments. My goal every year is to read at least thirty-five books, and I always have two going at any given time. Major Sci-Fi lovin’, Harry Potter fan, but hit me with some Beyonce or 90s hip hop and it’s over. I’ll stop mid sentence to start dancing and singing. 

My perfect Saturday would go a little something like this: curling up with blankets and my dudes on the couch - obligatory cup of coffee in hand, riding our bikes around the neighborhood, and getting our BBQ bonfire on (s'mores and all) with my people in our driveway. Firm believer that the good (read: magical) stuff happens when we let go of trying to achieve perfection. Been known to make sound effects when shooting and I may accidentally trip and swear during family portraits. This is my pre-emptive apology. 

But enough about me… let’s get to YOU. You’re here. You’re in LOVE. It’s my job - my passion - to capture this pretty kickass moment in time as a photograph that you’ll treasure forever. One that encompassses this once-in-a-lifetime kind of love in its realest, truest form.

Let’s do this thang.




Hello! I’m Blair… a self-proclaimed professional instagrammer, adventure seeker, and always always down for celebration. It’s your puppy’s 4th birthday? GREAT. I’m there with homemade dog treats. Just landed a new job in New York? Watch me rock this Statue of Liberty onesie at your going away party. I go all out. #shameless

My life’s motto is “Don’t let anyone or anything steal your happy,” and celebrating the little moments in big ways is my way of letting the awesome always outweigh the not-so-awesome. My happy place is anywhere in the snow, preferably strapped to a snowboard while carving some kick ass powder. I may live in sunny San Diego, but my closet full of flannel and cozy leggings screams, “GIVE ME THE MOUNTAINS!” 

Favorite part of photographing a wedding? The first look. It gets me in the feels every.single.time. And dancing to the Cupid Shuffle. I don’t care how many weddings I attend or photograph. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE IT. And you bet I’ll be out there shuffling my cupid with my camera in hand.

Let’s boogie! 

WE Like to Party (ahem, selfie)